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Travel Services, North London Travel Clinic

Travel Services

Obtaining the correct protection can often be a slow process, requiring several trips to different surgeries/centres.

Our service is very convenient as we can offer a wide range of vaccinations all under one roof, at competitive prices against a range of  diseases including the following:

  • Yellow Fever  £75 with certificate                                                 

  • Hepatitis A    £70                                              

  • Hepatitis B    £55 each (course of 3 needed)                         

  • DTP (Diphtheria,Tetanus, Polio)   £40                    

  • Typhoid        £40                                                          

  • Rabies          £105 each (course of 3 needed)                   

  • Meningitis   £75                                                         

  • Cholera        £55  each (course of 2 needed)                                         

  • Japanese Encephalitis    £105  each (course of 2 needed)               

  • Tick-borne Encephalitis  £70  each (course of 2 needed)              

  • Malaria (Full range of Anti-Malaria medications)

  • Shingles      poa

  • Pneumonia  £80

  • MMR          £55    (course of 2 needed)

  • Many other vaccinations available - enquire by telephone. 

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Yellow Fever
Vaccination Centre



We are a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.


We also provide a risk assessment to ensure that you receive all the appropriate vaccinations in accordance with your destination(s) and the correct personalised travel advice so that you are fully equipped for your holiday.

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